New Adam ondi Ahman Wiki

Church was cancelled this morning due to weather.  So after I got through calling the people I needed to call to let them know, I came online and looked for a place to start a wiki for Adam ondi Ahman like the one started for Caledon.

The Adam ondi Ahman Wiki is now online!

Most of the migrated pages are in need of updating, but a foundation has been laid.  The page also features a new seal designed by Skyler Goode and rolled out this weekend.


New Caledon Wiki; Remodeled AoA Square

I was once a fairly active contributor to the SL History wiki.  But I have been dissatisfied with the move to second- or third-class citizenship at a new Wikia location, and my edits there have dropped to almost nil.

So along comes His Serenity, Otenth Haakon Paderborn, Duke Murdann, etc., as the white knight to the rescue for the Caledon pages.  He has arranged a new web home for the Caledon Wiki, and several industrious residents have set to work building on the foundation laid at the SL History wiki.  The Independent State of Caledon page is at Caledon Wiki.  Check it out!  We're probably at 100 pages now although with the newness of the wiki many are mere stubs.  And if you have something to contribute, be bold!

Adam ondi Ahman estate owner Skyler Goode has the builder's bug.  He is always building or rebuilding something, either for a client or just for fun.

His latest project is rearranging the historic central square at the heart of Adam ondi Ahman. From the first days of the first AoA sim in March 2007, educational and thematic builds about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been located in an area near the center of the original sim.  These builds include a replica chapel, a Peace Garden, a replica of the historic Mormon Tabernacle, and a place called Temple Hill.  The original visitor center moved across the street in June, and a hedge-maze exhibit on Book of Mormon teachings was added early on.

In addition to seasonal decorations, Christmas trees, and snow, Sky has moved and rotated the chapel and turned the Tabernacle 90 degrees.  This opens up space in the center and improves the access to Temple Hill.  The square continues to be a destination point, and its components are now better laid-out than ever.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I wrote here.  Must be the holidays.



Embassy update

In my second-ever post to this blog, I briefly mentioned the search for locations for two embassies.  Caledon and Adam ondi Ahman are both vibrant micronations on the SL grid, with established forms of citizen governance and distinctive cultures.  I am an elected official in one nation and an appointed ambassador in the other; good relations between my two virtual homes are something I certainly wish to further.  It would also be nice to encourage other such multi-sim communities as they develop these qualities to interact with each other.

Caledon's embassy in Adam ondi Ahman will be on 1440 m2 on the sim of Deseret, a bit northeast of the original sim and just up the road from the government offices on Zarahemla.  I am working with a design inspired by the Athenaeum Club in London.

Adam ondi Ahman's embassy in Caledon, if everything goes smoothly over the next day or so, will be on 1536 m2 on the north coast of Caledon Regency in sight of the telehub, and thus not far at all from the capital in Caledon VictoriaCity.  Skyler Goode will probably build this one, based on the Beehive House in Salt Lake City.

Grand openings on or around New Year's are a possibility.  Pictures of both sites will come soon; one of the sites is the one where my profile picture was taken.