Embassy update

In my second-ever post to this blog, I briefly mentioned the search for locations for two embassies.  Caledon and Adam ondi Ahman are both vibrant micronations on the SL grid, with established forms of citizen governance and distinctive cultures.  I am an elected official in one nation and an appointed ambassador in the other; good relations between my two virtual homes are something I certainly wish to further.  It would also be nice to encourage other such multi-sim communities as they develop these qualities to interact with each other.

Caledon's embassy in Adam ondi Ahman will be on 1440 m2 on the sim of Deseret, a bit northeast of the original sim and just up the road from the government offices on Zarahemla.  I am working with a design inspired by the Athenaeum Club in London.

Adam ondi Ahman's embassy in Caledon, if everything goes smoothly over the next day or so, will be on 1536 m2 on the north coast of Caledon Regency in sight of the telehub, and thus not far at all from the capital in Caledon VictoriaCity.  Skyler Goode will probably build this one, based on the Beehive House in Salt Lake City.

Grand openings on or around New Year's are a possibility.  Pictures of both sites will come soon; one of the sites is the one where my profile picture was taken.


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