Welcome to my blog!

This is a whole new world for me; I've never written a blog before.  So for my first efforts in this new world, I'll be writing about a virtual world.

Or maybe it's two or three virtual worlds.

My first SL home of Adam ondi Ahman (I'll use AoA a lot, as the islanders do) was founded by faithful Mormons who enjoyed Second Life but wanted a place where they could avoid some of the excesses that are out there.  I arrived there less than ten days after it opened, and when I bought my first land the sim was about half-full.

My second SL home of Caledon has a couple of affinities with AoA.  Both are places with ties to the 19th century--Victoriana for Caledon, the Mormon pioneers for AoA.  And both are places where public decency is expected.  But in other ways the steampunkers and the Saints couldn't be more different.

They're alike in one more crucial respect.  Both are growing like wildfire.  Caledon was founded in February of 2006, and now has 30 sims.  Adam ondi Ahman was founded in March of 2007, and now has 8 sims.  In each case a community has adopted a common set of ideals, and the results attract others.

And there's a whole lot more in SL beyond my two homes, although unless I am shopping I seem to spend less and less time outside AoA and Caledon.

So I see Worlds and Lives Abound as the intersection of four worlds:
  • My own first life.
  • Adam ondi Ahman, and life within a community of the faithful in virtuality.
  • Caledon, and life in a realm of marvels rooted in our history, fiction, and myths.
  • Second Life as a whole.
I expect most of my observations to be pretty random, as is the case with most SL blogs.  But I look forward to meeting and interacting with a lot of you as lives go on.



Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I shall be most interested in reading comments about your other land; I would say I'd visit, but I've barely even met all my Kittiwick Town neighbours yet *grin*.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Ingeborg said...

Welldone Val! Look forward to reading your updates. Ingeborg.

Valentine Janus said...

Thanks to both of you for the kind words.

Baron, I saw your Steelhead place the other day. I enjoy Girl Genius and thus your theme. A friend of mine is buying her first SL land in the new Steelhead Harborside sim coming next month. I'll be sure to point her in the direction of the consulate.

Ingeborg, let me know what and when you want to announce about the Poets of Zarahemla event as details get finalized!